My name is Adam Willey and you guys are finishing up our attic conversion. As you have probably seen, the space has turned out amazing! We are more than thankful for the job Brown has done for us. Our dreams have truly become a reality. But that is not the reason for my email. I just wanted to give you an email as to why we chose Brown for our renovation.

We found you guys at the Hale arena home show. We interviewed with several companies at the Home Show to get a “soft” feel for who we may want to use. At that point it was kind of a pipe dream and we weren’t 100% committed to actually spending the money in doing a renovation of this scale. Which for a young couple like us is a big deal.

At that show we were belittled by every company we met with except for one. No one thought we could ever afford a project like this. Then we met Aaron. He welcomed us with open arms and was excited about the possible opportunity. That was a tremendous deciding factor when it came down to the final decision.

When we finally decided we wanted to do this project, we once again searched for contractors. This time at the Overland Park Home Show. At that show Aaron is the only one who recognized us from the first show. Again excited and open arms about the renovation.

We ended up getting 3 bids from different companies. And again only Aaron and Brown were the only ones who took us seriously. When it came down to deciding my fiancé asked me who I wanted to use and I told her Brown was the only one I considered from the start. And really 100% because Aaron believed in us and this renovation.

Since then he has had to endure a lot of specific request and a very detailed list of what I had envisioned in the space. My fiance is a perfectionist and she has had virtually nothing to pick apart. Which means you guys are doing a superb job!

This job has gone from everyone turning their back on us, to everyone making sure their name is attached to the project. But their is only one name I’m happy to promote and that’s Aaron and Brown Restoration.

I hope the renovation brings many future renovations for your company and I’m happy to promote your name in any way I can.

Sorry for the long winded email, but I thought you should know. This project starts and ends with that first and final meeting with Aaron.

From Brown Restoration, we expected a quality renovation at a price we could afford. What we received was that and much, much more! The quality, communication and execution by far exceeded every expectation we could have ever dreamed of. Brown is now a part of our family.


Adam Willey

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We can say with confidence that whatever your renovation or restoration needs, whether small or large, Brown Restoration is capable and professional.

Lisa & Mike Sturgeon Historical Restoration, Kansas City, MO

I’m very pleased with the work that was performed and the professionalism of everyone I talked to, from the receptionist to the roofer. Everyone was great. Thanks!

Patrick Walz Project, Lenexa, KS

Wanted to say thank you, and please extend my thanks to Robin for the great attention to detail on the projects that we have shared on behalf of my clients. Your quality of work is commendable. Thought I would pass along some photographs of the Howe job. Hope to work with you again soon! Please keep me in mind as you have other clients who need design assistance.

Heidi Griffin Interiors – Howe, Olathe, KS